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LEGO Disney Princess Elsa's Sparkling Ice Castle 41062


But Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without any must-have presents (as Little Women might have begun) – so the Daily Telegraph gamely agreed to venture across the North Sea to bring back what Frozen Lego it can find. Sort of like a Viking raiding party in reverse. If Vikings wore pink. And thus it was that although the snow glows white on the mountains tonight (for Elsa), I found myself on Monday in grey, wet and cold , with its tastefully understated Christmas decorations, looking for the flagship store.

With my elbows newly sharpened, and after a night spent watching footage of the opening day of the Harrod’s Sale on Youtube for training tips, I turned up at the moment the shop opens, on the very day that Frozen Lego went on sale anywhere on the planet. And I wasn’t that surprised when the first bearded man I met was wielding an enormous axe. Oh, but he had a Lego employee badge.


Frozen is now available to own on Blu-ray & Digital HD

Personally, I would have preferred a much larger and more elaborate Ice Palace for Elsa–considering that this is sure to be a blockbuster best-selling set, but I guess an undersized LEGO Frozen Ice Palace is better than none at all!The set will include a LEGO Elsa figure, a LEGO Anna figure and a LEGO Olaf figure. I’m a tad disappointed that there’s no Sven or Kristoff included with the set, but with the insane popularity of Frozen, I wouldn’t be too shocked at all if we see more Frozen LEGO sets in the near-future.