• Thank you for all your gdiaper posts. Very helpful.
  • First let’s talk a little on the anatomy of a gDiaper.
  • So now you know the anatomy of a gDiaper! Don’t you feel smarter?
  • Thank you for all your gdiaper posts. Very helpful.

gDiapers Disposable Inserts Case, Medium/Large/X-Large (13-36 lbs)


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Styles, materials, conventional vs. organic cloth diapers.

Fastening the diaper is optional. You don't need to fasten it at all! You can let the cover hold it in place, by just putting it in the cover. But fastening with pins or a Snappi is another option. Watch a video to learn a prefold diaper. The video is explaining it very slowly so it seems harder than it really is. It's really easy once you try. Pinning will open up a whole world of very effective and very economical cloth diapering. If you take a little bit of time to learn how to pin, you can save a ton of money. I (Karen) really enjoy pinning. I think a pinned diaper is really cute and it absolutely works!