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Glam Doll Makeover


One very exciting project that was in the works last year is finally coming together: the shirts. In just a couple of weeks Glam Doll shirts will be available for purchase via . The shirts and definition behind them was inspired by all of you and the amazing women in my life.

The Style Glam dolls will come with fun, layered 'goingout' looks inspired by real teen trends. Along with theiron-trend colourful dresses and detailed jackets, thedolls come with large plastic purses and additionalpiece count to fit in their bags.


Glam Doll Donuts is an absolute delight

Starting the first weekend in April, aromas of fried chicken will waft from Glam Doll's kitchen. The Eat Street donut shop known for wacky flavor combos and pretty-as-a-picture pastries will soon add brunch to its repertoire.