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Groovy Girls Groovy Girls Brooklyn Fashion Doll


Groovy Girls dolls were first introduced in 1998 by Manhattan Toy Company. Founded in 1979, the Manhattan Toy Company's self-professed goal was to recognize the importance of play in a child's life and, as a result, it dedicated itself to designing toys that enrich young, developing minds. In fact, Manhattan Toy was among the first companies to focus on new, innovative fabrics and designs for soft toys.

The company specifically created Groovy Girls dolls to be examples of the diversity of little girls all over the world. The dolls feature a multitude of skin tones and hair colors, and they wear a large variety of hairstyles and eclectic, groovy outfits. The unique nature of every single doll is meant to mirror and celebrate the individualism of every little girl. No two dolls are the same, just as no two little girls are the same.


Tiny Treasures presents a collection of cute soft Groovy Girl Dolls

Numerous Groovy Girls dolls have been introduced since Manhattan Toy Company first started making them in 1998, but many of the retired dolls can be difficult to find. Parents simply shopping for their children will probably want to stick to more recent items, which can include not only several Groovy Girls dolls, but also fun accessories like clothing, pets, and furniture. With a large selection available of both new and used items, both young girls and collectors are almost certain to find many choices they will adore.