• Gross motor skills activity for toddlers
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  • Gross Motor development involves the larger, stronger muscle groups of the body
  • Toddlers are beginning to develop the skill of walking up stairs

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So what are ten easy ways to implement gross motor skills for toddlers? Our top ten are pushing, climbing, bending, throwing, scooping, crawling, kicking, bouncing, dancing, and scooting. They are ways that sometimes we burn off energy and other times we use to stay engaged and entertained.

Gross Motor Skills are an important part of physical development. They are how we use our large muscles and facilitate our balance and overall movement. Practical ways to practice gross motor skills for toddlers can seem difficult since developmentally the cannot jump or do some of the fun things like big kids. But that’s all the more reason to work on them and hone them to ensure a healthy, active child as well as one that is working towards a bit more independence.


Gross Motor Development & Skills for Infants and Toddlers