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“The opportunity to run the Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 cars in Australia is very exciting for the team. We can’t wait to be involved and work with a global brand such as Nissan. To be able to step up to four cars and work with a Nissan is an exciting step forward for the growth of our team.

In 2010-12, the acted as a senior series to this series. Drivers in GT1 drive were more experienced (and can be hired by the factory), drove more powerful cars, and the season was longer and visited more countries (including non-European countries). Because the GT1 Championship allowed performance balanced GT3 cars and 2009-spec GT2 cars in 2012, the only difference in the car lineups was the GT3 Championship still being restricted to GT3 cars. All GT3 races occurred on the same weekend as a corresponding GT1 race, and the races were also at different times of the day (e.g. Paul Ricard hosts both a GT1 and a GT3 race on the same weekend). Some manufacturers like had raced cars in both the GT1 and GT3 championships.


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The regulations and homologations for Group GT3 were prepared by the FIA and ready by the start of the 2006 season, with eight manufacturers represented as the first Balance of Performance test prior to the debut of the . The , , , and all created a category specifically for the FIA's new Group GT3 machines. The SRO Group expanded the category in 2007 with the launch of two new regional championships, the and the German , exclusively running Group GT3 cars. The British GT Championship abandoned Group GT2 cars, promoting GT3 to their premiere category, while the series reorganized their class structure to introduce GT3 as their lead class. The French also added a new GT3 category.