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Halo 3 Master Chief Gloves


So my EVA foam came in the other day. Wohoo! Means I can start with the fun and experimental process of building Halo armor out of foam. I say experimental because I’ve never used EVA foam before for costuming or armor building. I tried the cardstock paper/Pepakura method and lots of people get amazing results with it but I had a few issues with it:

Halo Armor - Best protective suit ever or a walking death trap? If Mjolnir Armor is like having your body encased in a small tank, why exactly does it only take one to three punches to kill you? In this episode of Game Theory, I get to the bottom of one of the oldest Halo questions around. How can Master Chief have a super suit capable of surviving a fall from space, yet one little five finger strike can send him toppling over into his grave?


Halo Reach Armor Time-lapse (Custom Cosplay Build)