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McFarlane Halo 5: Guardians Series 1 Master Chief Action Figure


The Rookie was one of the last purchases in my grand Halo action figure splurge over the summer. He was bought from the same eBay seller from whom I got a lot of my other figures, for a surprisingly reasonable price given the aftermarket value on this figure. He’s not quite as strong a figure as Mickey, but I’m still happy to have him, and he looks pretty sweet with the rest of my Halo stuff!

Finally–finally–we have some new Halo McFarlane Toys figures to talk about. The last new figures that McFarlane Toys showed off for their Halo action figure line were the Master Chief figures that I saw at the New York Toy Fair 2014 almost an entire year ago. So, yeah–this latest trio of mass release Halo 4 Series 3 figures (I’ll talk about the exclusive later) have been a long time in the coming.


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Earlier this week I wrote an editorial discussing the question of whether or not the McFarlane Toys Halo action figure line is dying. As distressing as that topic is (and it definitely distresses me), it gave me the opportunity to reminisce over what is one of the most expansive toy lines of the past decade. During my stroll down memory lane, I got curious about which McFarlane Toys Halo figures are the rarest (and therein most expensive) entries from the Halo toy line. A few hours of research later, and I present you with my list of The Top 10 Most Expensive McFarlane Halo Figures…