• is an old fashioned cast iron shallow well hand pump.
  • Old hand water pump (c. 1924) at the Colored School in , US; typical of the period and the area
  • This is our Best Quality hand water pumping system for regular to very Deep well applications!

AIRHEAD AHP-1 Airhead Hand Pump


Step by step video on installing a hand pump water well. I had to excavate the hole because in this part of Minnesota there are too many rocks to drive the well. If you are wanting to do this yourself, go to the channel main page and watch the video entitled: "parts needed for a hand pump water well" to see everything you will need, its cheap. There will be a follow up video on this one when I test the water with an EPA approved water testing kit. Stay tuned.

Oasis hand pumps are made of plastic and stainless steel which eliminates the rust problems associated with cast iron pumps. They can pump water overhead or to another location by attaching a hose to the discharge port. The Oasis WP2NF is a shallow well hand pump for a well or cistern that does not freeze in winter. The Oasis WP2D is a deep well hand pump capable of pumping water out of a well or cistern from depths up to 50 feet. The Oasis WP2P is shallow well hand pressure pump capable of producing up to 40 psi of discharge pressure and pumping water overhead. Makes an excellent back to an electric well pump during a power failure.


Step by step video on installing a hand pump water well

Whether or not a project to use hand pumps in a developing country is an affordable alternative certainly depends on who or what organization pays the bill. However, the example of a 1992 Ethiopia aid project illustrates what the cost would be for the locals who benefit from the project. This example relates to isolated, rural communities in the rural South.