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Raggedy Ann Classic Doll 12"


Hi I'm 11years old and my mum brought me my first Hannah doll from ebay I got Hannah horse riding doll but when she came she had a black mark on her check from her hat mum was going to send her back but I didn't want to let her go .then as mum and I really like her we started looking at others I decided I would sell my other 18inch doll so I could buy another Hannah and that's how it started I now have Hannah at the ballet ,Hannah the rockstar ,two red haired Hannah walking her dog this is because I couldn't make my mind up and I liked them both they are different ,hair colour and dress and Hannah at the design studio ,and I also have happy kids Sophie mum thought because Sophie is more pose able I might like her better but I still prefer Hannah I love my gotz Hannah dolls and mum try's to buy things for them but also she makes things for them like beds, pens,books,clothes ect so thanks for the information and the items you sell thanks again Kenya x

We’re going to go ahead and suggest that if you are the type to hear swear words when confronted with awful audio recordings, you not buy dolls that sing. One Florida mom is such a person, and is convinced that her daughter’s Hannah Montana doll has taught her kid to say the “F” word.


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Your little child will adore a Hannah Montana Oliver . I think you will love that the product offers this feature, collect all of the characters (sold separately) and act out the scenes from the show. Other highlights include things like includes 2 beachy stickers. and dressed in fun summer themed fashions. The product number for this stellar product is 20220C. The Hannah Montana doll dimensions are 13"H x 2.7"L x 5.5"W and weighs close to 0.75 lbs. - Toy
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