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LEGO Star Wars Mini Jedi Starfighter 6966

Too low to display

I love Legos, but I really love the Hard To Find Lego Sets. Since I was a kid, I have had a fascination with building things with these amazing little blocks. I built houses, trees, animals, vehicles, and imaginary ray guns (I am a sci-fi geek after all). These tiny little blocks provided me with so many hours of entertainment, it was hard to ever put them away. My imagination was always working to build whatever the project was into something bigger and better with my own unique add-ons. This is what makes Legos such a great toy for almost anyone. They are small after all and could be a choking hazard to small children. If my mom didn't vacuum up so many of my pieces I would still have some pretty sweet creations.

I was reminiscing about my former childhood love, when I discovered the following hard to find sets of Legos. My favorite is the Death Star set (go figure). If i didn't have a dog that chewed everything, that little beauty would be mine. I hope you enjoy my list of hard to find lego sets.


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