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These subassemblies will help you build the perfect hovercraft. This post includes a brief description of each part. I will post an in-depth forum post about hover tech soon!

The parts:

1st screenshot: The boxy looking things are lift modules. They have the physics of a large wing, but they are small. Lift modules are mostly for advanced players who want to make their hovercraft glide a bit more after every jump.
TO PUT THE LIFT MODULES IN YOUR SUBS, grab them by the cylinder on the side closest to the cockpit.

2nd Screenshot: Hoverwheels. They have the same physics as wheels, but they make something hover. Treat them like normal wheels. These are great for use on large hovercraft.

3rd Screenshot: Hoverpads. You can make them yourself. No need to add them into your subs. They are simply resizable wheels that have the rims facing down. These are used in hovercrafts that slide around.

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HoverTech Battle FX Electronic Flying Target Challenge ..

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