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  • Electronic Hungry Hungry Hippos iPad Game
  • Electronic Hungry Hungry Hippos iPad Game
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Hungry Hungry Hippos


I think keychains are great whether you are buying it for yourself or as a gift. I have actually purchased many keychains as gifts for friends and loved ones. I remember when I was 16 I had tons of keychains and would collect them, I always had at least one on my keys ever since. Now that I have kids, my keychains have gotten more kid-friendly and fun since my boys always want to play with my keys! Recently I got the chance to review the Hungry Hungry Hippo Game Keychain and I must say it is adorable!

-Officially licensed mini Hungry Hippo game comes with a sturdy metal ring.
-No minimum order required. Quantity discounts available.


The Hungry Hippo Board Game Café | Facebook

In the late 1970s, a phenomenon swept the sporting world. A new game fell on the scene, one that created an international stir, world exhibitions, and a fever that can only be described as a "feeding frenzy." And that game was Hungry Hungry Hippos. Well, it's time to update this classic into the now with the Electronic Hungry Hungry Hippos iPad Game. Fully endorsed by the IHHHA (International Hungry Hungry Hippos Association), this game is the Hippo event of the century!