• Oooo i love peppa pig
  • I love Peppa Pig such a cute show to watch with my daughters.
  • My daughter and I love Peppa Pig. I think because Daddy Pig is so similar to my husband, ha!
  • My grandchildren love Peppa Pig and read the books all the time!

Peppa Pig Pocket Pal - Talking Toy Key Ring Figure


Children across the country have fallen in love with Peppa Pig through their TV screens so how better to inspire younger generations to be active than through Peppa themed physical activity programmes.

Peppa Pig parties have become the rage with hosting #peppasthemeparkparty March this year in the UK and the popular Children's Theater show coming to Perth January 2014. Young children love Peppa Pig and will enjoy playing games with a Peppa Pig twist. Here's how to host the best Peppa Pig party ever!


Juguetes para niños Peppa Pig 01 I love Peppa Pig

With a special 4-part special + an additional 8 episodes, our kids were laughing throughout the entire 12 Peppasodes. I love how Peppa Pig teaches our kids about manners, life lessons, and what to expect when traveling with your family. That’s 60 minutes of non-stop Peppa Pig fun!