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Atlantis Paddle Boards SUP Inflatable Paddle Board 10'6. Accessories Included are Carrier Bag, Adjustable Stand-Up Paddle and Dual Action High Pressure Pump with PSI Guage.


If you are already familiar with SUP, and want to learn more about Stand Up Paddle boards, paddles, and related gear, you can delve deeper with our Inflatable Paddle Board Buyer’s Guide.

Inflatable paddle boards are available in many versions. This has opened up a host of new opportunities for those interested in being a part of this sport as this low-impact paddle sport lets one explore lakes, rivers and other water bodies nearby, bond with nature and get a great workout. If one is just getting started with paddle sports, they may want to opt for an inflatable paddle board one can either go easy and have a nice paddle around the lake or get an intense upper body exercise.


Saturn Ultra-Light Inflatable Paddle Boards SOT330L

Paddling Performance – By its nature a inflatable paddle board will not cut through the water as well as a standard fiberglass board. However the better quality paddle boards will glide through the water noticeably easier than the cheaper boards. Typically a higher rocker aids in how well it cuts through the water and makes it easier to paddle in rougher water or winder conditions.