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IRONMAN Gravity 4000 Highest Weight Capacity Inversion Table


The IronMan Fitness ROCK Elliptical Trainer is everything you need to get fit at home there's dual handlebars for exercising the whole body and eight resistance levels so whatever your fitness level you can push yourself just that little bit harder and with a computer display showing you all your exercise vital statistics you get instant feedback on your progress.

A magnetic resistance system is used on the IronMan Fitness ROCK Elliptical Trainer which has several advantages for home use firstly magnetic resistance is very quirt producing no noise and no vibration or wobbling on the floor either and secondly resistance systems have fewer moving parts than their mechanical cousins so break down a lot less.


IronMan Fitness: Cone Hop Drill

Your whole family can take workouts to the next level with the Ironman Triathlon X-Class 310 Exercise Bike, which uses smart technology to save up to 4 user profiles. Twelve preset computer workout programs and 32 levels of smooth, magnetic tension resistance enable you to customize your workout, while Ironman Fitness apps (compatible with Android systems) let you log your workouts and track your progress. Two stereo speakers and Air Soft seat technology provide a comfortable, enjoyable ride. Heart Rate Control. 3-piece crank system. Bluetooth capable.