• vintage Kaleidoscope Toys
  • A Kaleidoscope Toys employee said the store will be closed at least until a cleaning crew is brought in to assess the damage and conditions.
  • FALMOUTH – Falmouth fire crews responded to Kaleidoscope Toys on Main Street in Falmouth this morning after the store filled up with smoke.
  • Crews clear the heavy smoke that filled Kaleidoscope Toys on Main Street in Falmouth. Photo courtesy of Sam Lorusso.

Schylling Classic Tin Kaleidoscope


Art Of Toys is where the artists create art in the form of toys or use toys in their art. This is our Kaleidoscope Shop where you can find handcrafted kaleidoscopes and kaleidoscope toys.

Hi! Here are Playgo Funky Kaleidoscope Toys.
These toys make colorful Kaleidoscope designs from flowers and sea creatures.
Enjoy playing with your Amazing Playgo Funky Kaleidoscope Toys.
We bought these toys at ToysRUs (P249.75 each).

Kinder Surprise Eggs Kinder Joy Chupa Chups Surprise Toys

Play Doh Playsets and Play-Doh creations

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Cars 2 and Hotwheels Cars

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I also added some cool Japanese toys like Re-Ment miniatures and Charms.
Now with Kinder egg surprise, Kinder Joy and Chupa Chups Surprise. More to come!

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Kaleidoscope Toys - R & R Games

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