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The Kidactive trampoline is an excellent, low priced alternative to the more expensive large trampolines that seem to be in every family garden at the moment! At around £20, it is much, much cheaper than other designs, and can be used from ages 3 and up, although my daughter has been using hers under supervision since she was two, and my 14 month old enjoys the occasional bounce!

The trampoline is easy to assemble with straightforward instructions and sturdy components. However, the elastic rope takes some effort to attach, and getting the trampoline base central is a bit of a challenge. It really needs to stay assembled, so storage can be an issue as it is quite large. The trampoline has a safety bar for the children to hold on to with padded handles. These are a great idea, but in practice have two problems. First, if your child is anything like mine, getting them to use it is near impossible (not the trampoline's fault, I acknowledge!). Second, the foam padding wears away quite quickly, and once split, children cannot seem to stop themselves tearing it even more.

The only real down-side is the lack of covering on the ropes, meaning that a child can easily end up with their foot going through. However, this seems to be why the trampoline is aimed at children 3 years and older as similar ones with safety covers are advertised for anything from 12 months plus. It also explains why the price is so much lower.

I had no idea that you could get a pink trampoline, but you can. Not a colour I'd go for even if I only had girls, but at this price I probably wouldn't care too much. Argos has put the Kid Active pink trampoline and enclosure in its clearance at eBay for £53.99. Delivery costs £3.99. That's almost half price on £119.99.


Kid-Riffic and Kid Active requires 3 "AA" batteries (not included).

When rainy or winter season comes, it can be really hard for the kids to sweat or exercise. Playing is any child’s opportunity to learn and develop while having fun. And Little Tikes, through its kids active trampoline, acknowledges that very well. It values playtime for the children to learn about themselves and how things actually work. It views play as a big contributor to the physical, social, cognitive, and language development of the child. Ideal for the cold and extremely hot season, Little Tikes 3-foot Trampoline is your kid’s way of staying active anytime and anywhere inside the house.