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Children's Artists Fabric Aprons - Kitchen, Classroom, Community Event, Crafts & Art Painting Activity. Safe Clean 12 Pack Assorted Colors by Super Z Outlet®


We can supply kids apron, painting apron, eating apron, pvc bib, nylon apron, polyester apron, adult apron in large quantities. Can produce more than 5000 pcs of aprons per day for you.

5 MINUTE KIDS APRON! Make this easy and cute apron in 5 minutes. Customise your colours!

You will need:

A tea towel
2 - 3 meters of ribbon (more than 1cm wide)
Sewing machine or needle & thread


Childrens Blue Bug Apron | Kids Cooking Aprons

Many people look back with fondness at first time they helped bake a tasty tray of cookies with their parents. The sweet and savory smells that are typical of a kitchen often bring up nostalgic moments that are treasured memories. Your children want to help out and do the same things you do, so why not give them kids aprons and let them learn? There is no reason why they can’t be fashionable while spending quality time with their Mommy and Daddy.