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  • This Lambchop Hand Puppet is 12 inches tall with movable mouth and arms
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Aurora Plush 17" Lamb Chop


This Lambchop Puppet is 17 inches tall and has not only a movable mouth and arms, but also has a vocabulary. Among the 10 different things that Lambchop will tell you are: "I really need a hug." and "Wow! You look great!" and "What's your name?" and "I'm sleepy, let's take a nap.", and "Can you tell me a secret?" and "You have the best smile."

Are you in the market for a painting of Jesus Christ cheering up Paul McCartney and have a spare $180,000? Of course you are! So here's $177,000 (plus framing) painting entitled "Jesus Tries to Cheer Paul McCartney w/ Lambchop Puppet & Create Oasis at Home."


6:56 (10hours) Lamb chop song that never ends - Duration: 10:12:40