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Disguise Link Deluxe Child Costume, Large (10-12)


This 60% cotton and 40% polyester Legend of Zelda Link Costume Hoodie is perfect for Halloween, conventions or just every day. As a special bonus the hoodie is just like Link’s elf hat. Now you are dressing in video game style. This hoodie makes a great gift for Zelda fans and it looks fantastic.

Just because a costume is video game inspired, doesn’t mean it needs to be the slightest bit dorky. For example, the , , and these are 100% hot. Another amazing choice is this Sexy Legend of Zelda Link Costume. Even though it is super hot, it is in a very cute way, and not at all slutty like many Halloween costumes these days. As a female Link, you’ll be set for exciting adventures, rescuing Princess (Prince???) Zelda, and defeating Ganon.


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