• LEGO CITY MINING TRUCK 4202 - Duration: 4:11
  • The LEGO City Service Truck is ideal for children who enjoy building
  • LEGO CITY MINING TRUCK 4202 - Duration: 4:11.

LEGO CITY Garbage Truck 60118


This LEGO City Fire Truck includes 2 firefighter mini-figures, extendable ladder with rotating base, retractable hose with water element, and an opening hatch with equipment storage! The fire truck measures a generous 3″ high, 6″ long, and 1″ wide. Accessories include: fire hydrant, firefighting gear, axe, fire extinguisher and a saw!

LEGO City Truck and Forklift Load up and roll out! Quick; you need to make a cargo delivery in LEGO? City! Use the working forklift to load up the truck with pallets of supplies. When you reach your destination; detach the trailer from the truck and open the containers to unload! 343 Pieces. Includes 2 minifigures! Truck and trailer measure over 11' (27cm) long!Lego Systems; Inc. Ages: 5-12


Lego City Garbage Truck: LEGO City Garbage Truck

Earlier today I started my coverage of the 2014 LEGO City sets when I posted my impressions of the LEGO City Helicopter Surveillance 60046 set. Now I’m back with another winter LEGO City 2014 set, with my discussion and photos of the LEGO City Logging Truck 60059…