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Lego Star Wars - 75086 Battle Droid Troop Carrier

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My Lego Droid Army in 2013
Over 150 droids
After I uploaded my Lego Clone Army video earlier this year, I thought it would be really cool to show you guys me Lego Droid Army. I hope you like it and enjoy to watch it :)

Thank you for watching.
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This is the first Hailfire Droid in the regular Star Wars line. The only other LEGO Hailfire Droid being the Technic version, which was obviously far larger and detailed. The Hailfire Droid moves on two moveable wheels covered with forty chain link pieces. On either side of the tank are missle launchers that hold four missles each. With a flick on the end they launch pretty far. Both the wheels and missle launchers extend and retract along with folding armor shields. The Spider Droid has four movable legs that provide 20 points of articulation. The canon moves up and down for different degrees of fire.