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Lego Movie Emmet Orange Boys Two-Piece Zip-Up Costume Hoodie & Sweatpants Set (7)

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When deciding to create a Lego Halloween costume, you may be thinking "where do I even start??", as this costume is little out of the ordinary and appears to require much effort and dedication. While it can be time consuming to make the costume, the end product or result will certainly be rewarding, and when everyone asks where you got your costume, let the bragging begin!The most important part of the costume is obviously the head, because it will be the first thing people notice when they see the Lego man. The head is perhaps the most difficult to hand-make, and will take a fair amount of time; however, it is an essential part of your homemade Halloween costume and will probably be the most adored aspect of this original costume. Some Lego costumes may take months to make, and some can be made within a weekend's time. Also, keep in mind you there are several alternatives to the making of the parts of the costume. For example, you can use paper Mache instead of foam for the Lego man's head, even the creator of the in our 2011 Costume Contest proved amusable success with their homemade Halloween costume!

Lego men are a genre of costume not easily found at Halloween mega stores, so the best option for most is to create homemade Halloween costumes, which more often than not, turn out surprisingly brilliant. These costumes are perfect for children, adults, and even couples. Be sure to check out Lego Halloween costumes on this page where so many have hand crafted their Lego costumes to match their individual interests and their own personal touch of creativity. You'll find tons of ideas, including , , , and so much more Lego man inspiration! When wanting to portray your favorite childhood pastime for Halloween, Lego man costumes are definitely a winner!


LEGO Halloween Costume(using recycled materials)