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Lego Halloween Set 40055 "Pumpkin"


Ever have one of those days where several people have let you know about a LEGO set you haven’t heard of before, you then drive around for three hours fruitlessly searching for it, , and then have the realization that it’s a set from last year and you already own it…? That’s pretty much my day today in a nutshell, as I went on an epic failed quest to find the newly reissued LEGO Halloween Pumpkin 40055 set that was originally released in 2013!

I wanted to see the LEGO Pumpkin 40055 set up-close for myself, so I decided to go driving from Toys R Us to Toys R Us until I found one. I came up short after spending more in gas than the cost of the polybag, so I got frustrated and ordered the 40055 LEGO Halloween Pumpkin set directly from Toys R Us online.


LEGO Halloween Pumpkin 40055 Set Polybag Reissued! - Bricks and Bloks

For our simple LEGO pumpkin play small world, I purchased a baking pumpkin from the supermarket. You can go larger if you want! We have a. Instead of cutting around the stem as you would for carving a pumpkin, I took a chunk out of the side {little hands need to get in there and play}.