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LCR® Left Center RightTM Dice Game - Blue Tin


Most LRC games come with dice and a pack of tokens. If you don't have tokens, you can use poker chips or counters. If you don't have LRC dice, use regular six-sided dice and decide which numbers substitute for the letters and the dots. If younger kids find it tricky to remember this, you can stick paper on the sides of the dice and write the letters and dots on them. Be forewarned that if you have a lot of players, a game can last a long time. To shorten it, decide ahead of time that players who lose all their tokens must leave the table.

Barrel of monkeys LRC game...if you get the answer, you keep the card...if you get izquierda or derecha (right/left) you have to give your cards to person on right or left. If you get platanos/bananas, you take cards from player of your choice. It's a garbage can from $ store.