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Lundby Modern Doll's House


So I don’t know if we’re just in a slump of Lundby dollhouses these days or if they really are becoming more rare. For more info on the dollhouses and the company, refer back to my previous post of one year ago: And to take a look at the pieces I have for sale, you can find them in my shop :

Unlike wooden dollhouses, Lundby dollhouses are made out of plastic for safety. This is because the dollhouse is actually pre-wired for electricity. Modern interior designers and architects have played a large role in designing many of the accessories. When buying this dollhouse, keep in mind that Lundby dolls for the dollhouse must be bought separately.


vintage lundby dollhouse kitchen

What is the scale of the lundby dollhouse/furniture? I love the look of the furniture for a dollhouse we already own, but I’m wondering if it’ll work with the house and dolls we currently have.