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Madpax Heavy Metals Fullpack, Moonwalk, One Size

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I ordered a MadPax Backpack for my grandson and received it the next day. I was so excited because I tried to get it from the vendor and they were out of stock. The gentleman was very nice on the phone and I was very pleased with the service that I received. It was my first time to order from Zappos and it won't be the last! Thank you again!

Demand attention on the school bus or carpool line when fashion meets function in the form of the most talked about backpack of all time. Kids of all ages can avoid anonymity with our Mad Pax Backpack that says they are one-of-a-kind. We add the punk, passion and purpose, dab out the drab and add the rad. Meshed tight and right, the result is a backpack of cutting edge design for all ages.


Madpax Backpack – Warp Speed Bubble Fullpack (PREORDER)

Madpax styles feature bubbles which remind me of pictures of the bumpy, rocky, surface of the moon or another intergalactic surface. The colors run from basic black to magnetic grays and blues and even remind me of colors contained in outer space! There are other color combinations which are bright and playful. Madpax backpacks for boys and girls allows your child to stand out among the crowd of basic backpacks. These backpacks for boys and girls are definitely a sporty, cool and clever way to carry books and personal items.