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The final issues of series would establish that Kirk is the son of a corrupt wealthy pharmaceutical businessman named Abraham Langstrom, who considers his son as a failure when compared to Bruce Wayne, the son of his business rival Thomas Wayne. Abraham would steal his son's serum and makes some of his own improvements and uses it to target the homeless (because no one would miss them) before being stopped by Batman, though he is able to plead temporary insanity to avoid going to prison.

During the storyline, Man-Bat is among the villains that were recruited by the to join the Secret Society of Super Villains. Scarecrow and Man-Bat attempt to steal the frozen Talons (assassins that are associated with the ) from Blackgate while Penguin is having a meeting with Bane. Bane arrives at Blackgate as Man-Bat and his fellow Man-Bats are attempting to transport the Talons to Mr. Freeze and is able to keep one from leaving.


Manbat WIP 1 by ~Blairsculpture on deviantART

In the alternate timeline of the event, Man-Bat is killed by Miranda Shrieve the granddaughter of Matthew Shrieve. In the flashback that Man-Bat was invited by Lt. Matthew Shrieve to be the new member of Creature Commandos, but Man-Bat then betrays him, killing his family. It is revealed that Man-Bat had been working with General Sam Lane who is responsible for the deaths of Miranda's family.