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Mario Power Tennis would have been so much better WITHOUT power shots.


  • Acclaimed as one of the most addictively fun games on Nintendo 64, Mario Tennis returns!
  • Mario . . Wallpaper and background images in the Mario Tennis club tagged: mario.
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Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash


The folks over at GameXplain recently had to chance to play Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash and revealed some exciting new infos in their preview video:Check out GameXplain’s full preview video below:

The only mini-game in this spartan package is Mega Ball Rally, which is a banal scenario where you see how many times you can rally with another player until one of you messes up. The fact that Mario Power Tennis on the GameCube managed to include more characters, interesting modes, and varied courses a decade ago is a bit insulting. Contrast that with the best Mario sports games, most recently Mario Golf: World Tour. Those classics are packed with different modes and challenges that help you learn and perfect specific mechanics. There’s nothing in Ultra Smash that made me want to learn how to be better.


Mario Tennis Open for Nintendo 3DS - Nintendo Game Details

I have to level with you folks, I’m not into sports video games. Or rather, I’m not into realistic sports video games. I love me some NBA Jam and Mario Tennis, but if I don’t enjoy watching actual sports why would I enjoy playing games that closely mimic actual sports? That said, simulation sports games are wildly popular, and lots of them are pretty good! NBA 2K, in particular, is by far the best modern basketball series. Not content embarrassing EA every year with its superior gameplay and , NBA 2K has now begun expanding its narrative ambitions. Here are the latest exciting details on NBA 2K17’s story mode.