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Medela Symphony Breast Pump


Our baby was born 11 weeks early and required long term hospitalization in a neonatal unit. I planned to breastfeed her, so to get started, I rented a Medela Symphony breast pump from the hospital to express milk for her until she was mature enough to breastfeed on her own.

Of course, the main (and only that I can think of) drawback about the Medela Symphony pump is of course the price. However, if I didn’t go ahead and buy the Medela Symphony pump my milk probably would have dried up when my baby started sleeping through the night at 10 weeks old. And since he isn’t even quite 3 months left, that would have been about 9 months worth of formula that I would have had to buy. So I kind of figure that the cost if kind of a toss-up, I just had to pay for the pump up front instead of spreading the cost of formula out over the next 9 months. And of course, I can always sell this Medela Symphony pump when I’m done with it and try and re-coup some of my initial cost.


Medela Symphony Double Pumping Kit 27292

The Medela Symphony Double Pump Set is designed for use with the . The Set includes all parts needed in order to use the Symphony hire pump. Note: A or double pump set must be purchased when hiring the Medela Symphony Breast Pump.