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  • Medibuddy is the mobile app guidelines video from Medi Assist India
  • I received a medibuddy travel first aid kit to review from .

MediBuddy - First Aid Kit by me4kidz - Medi Buddy (Assorted Color)


​Medi Assist, India’s largest Third Party Administrator (TPA), has launched eCashless, a feature on their MediBuddy mobile app that allows members to get a provisional preauthorization for a cashless hospitalization before walking into the hospital. Members whose health insurance policies are administered by Medi Assist can now use the MediBuddy mobile app to plan a cashless hospitalization from the comfort of their home before admission into the hospital.

To round out your first aid items, the is the perfect companion to the Medibuddy. These cute and lovable freezer-friendly cold packs are perfect for all those bumps, bruises, insect bites and stings.


Comments about Medibuddy on the go first aid kit:

MediBuddy is your personal health buddy that helps you manage every aspect of your healthcare and health insurance using your smartphone. As a mobile app, MediBuddy gives you access to healthcare at the tip of your fingers – you can purchase a range of healthcare packages, schedule appointments with a doctor at any of our network hospitals, order medicines for door delivery or access your medical records stored in digital format anytime and from anywhere.