• Megamouth sharks
  • No negative economic effects by the megamouth shark have been reported.
  • Check out photos of the recently discovered megamouth shark in the Philippines below.
  • Order Lamniformes (mackerel sharks), Family Megachasmidae (megamouth sharks)

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Too low to display

Now a rare deepwater megamouth shark has been caught in Japan. The sharks have enormous mouths, small teeth, rubbery lips, soft bodies, and flabby muscles. The 13-foot long female shark, weighing nearly 1,500 pounds, was caught in waters off Shizuoka at a depth of about 2,600 feet, .

But while the goblin shark was released back into the ocean, the megamouth shark wasn’t as lucky. In the video above, the staff of the Marine Science Museum in Shizuoka City dissects the shark before a crowd of more than 1,500 people. The shark is on display at the museum.


Very rare 5-meter megamouth shark sold to fish market in Japan.

With every megamouth shark that comes to light, scientists learn more and more about this mysterious animal. Burgess just wishes most of the sharks didn’t end up dead.