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Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two - Nintendo Wii


Another new feature to Epic Mickey 2 is pin trading. Pin trading makes up a huge part of the Disney community and Disney wants to bring that aspect to its games. Throughout Epic Mickey 2 you’ll find treasure chests that contain pins, while I wasn’t told whether these will be used other than a gotta catch-em-all type side-quest, it definitely seems like the most likely option.

Epic Mickey 2 changes up the gameplay by allowing Oswald, your new partner, to help you either through AI controlled moves or by local co-op. Oswald can use his electric remote to shock and paralyze enemies or even to revive Mickey when he dies to stop from being reset back to a checkpoint. What I found odd was the lack of online co-op over Xbox Live or the PlayStation Network – it’s the 21st century Disney, c’mon now. What I loved about my play session was being able to have my co-op partner drop in and out at their own will and have Oswald simply convert back to an AI partner, allowing for an amazingly simple drop-in drop-out play flow.


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Our demo began with Gremlin Gus summoning Mickey back to the Wasteland. Searching Yen Sid’s workshop, in a scene reminiscent of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice sequence from Fantasia (animated mops and all!), Mickey dug up the magical brush from the first game and teleported back to the land he’d left behind. As expected, Wasteland was under threat from a new enemy. Not from Oswald this time, but The Mad Doctor. Luckily, Mickey would not have to face this threat alone. Gamers might remember the end of Epic Mickey, where Oswald and Mickey came to terms with one another. This plays into Epic Mickey 2, where Oswald acts as an ally to Mickey, either as an AI controlled companion, or a player controlled assistant during co-op play. During our play session, a 2D side scrolling sequence showed off Oswald’s unique ability to glide using his ears, allowing him to bypass certain obstacles.