• ( Midget Crabapple )
  • Midget Apple and Marshmallow are seen writing theme songs.
  • Midget Apple and Marshmallow are seen counting votes for Annoying Orange parody videos.
  • Midget Apple: (growls) Thanks, for the vote of confidence, Orange!

Annoying Orange - Collectible Talking PVC Figure - MIDGET APPLE (4 inch scale)

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Midget Apple is a friend of . He prefers to be called Little Apple, but many others just prefer not to do so. Midget Apple has an interest in destruction derbies and extreme sports. Apparently, Midget Apple hates it when hengets teased. In , Midget Apple debuted in , waiting for Orange's phone call from . He was uncertain if the phone was ringing.

Midget Apple was first introduced as a joke filler for the episode . had first mistook for a midget apple, and Crabapple had pointed out that there was a midget apple right next to him. Towards the end of that episode, Crabapple was crushed by , who had also mistook him for a midget apple. Midget Apple's popularity had started to grow since then, and he was re-introduced as a recurring character in . Because of his small size, had planned Midget Apple to jump out of a during Orange's birthday party in . This is when he had met . Marshmallow wanted to be Midget Apple's friend, as he did with everyone else. Midget Apple had promised to be his best friend if Marshmallow got him out of the cupcake. However, Orange and Pear were responsible for Midget Apple's escape. During season 3, he, along with Marshmallow had replaced place as the tritagonist of the series, leaving her the fifth, going on seventh position character. Orange frequently makes fun of his size, and doesn't listen to Midget Apple when he prefers to be called "Little Apple". However, despite his small size, he is able to operate large vehicles. He hobby is murdering zombies while in his , and he is currently operating a bit on his gaming channel known as . However, he is usually interrupted by Orange while playing his games. He was voted most likely to play in the NBA in . This had become ironic due to the fact that he is vertically challenged.


Gummy Bear; Orange; Wubbzy; Midget Apple; Pear; Avocado Montoya; ..


Midget Apple gets a makeover to prepare for the big pageant. Watch more Annoying Orange on Cartoon Network!

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