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Dynomighty Men's Subway Map Mighty Wallet - Super Thin Lightweight Tyvek Billfold

Too low to display

The Mighty Wallet is extremely slim, yet it is designed to expand as you stuff more and more credit cards, receipts, gift cards, business cards, gym memberships, VIP cards to the local sub shop, , and other items you simply cannot live without. It's a good thing Tyvek® wallets are expandable!

The Mighty Wallet is made from Tyvek®, which is an extremely strong and durable microfiber. It's the same material used in Express Mail envelopes. The material will not tear, yet it can be stretched. And since the Mighty Wallet is made from a single, folded sheet of Tyvek®, it doesn't have any weak seams or glue points.


MIGHTY wallets WALLET PEACE AND LOVE in tyvek cellulose

Started by a struggling artist turned Entrepreneur, Terrence Kelleman designed the first Mighty Wallet in 2004 and brought it to market in 2005. Artist run organizations do tend to be more creative but the goal of Dynomighty is to share that creativity and expression with the world.