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Generic Men People Minifigures Toy (Lot of 20)


The parts assortment are quite average. I find it disappointing to see a lack of dual printed face where he can actually reveal another new emotion instead of being teary all this time. I don’t like to see my minifigures to be always sad looking. Clowns are supposed to cheer and wow the audience up. He probably may have received some bad news that displeased him greatly. In addition, his clown hat is just so lovely. I will like to use it like some sort of birthday party hat for the children to wear. Nonetheless, I am still pleased to see this minifigure design as it actually help to expand the CMFs circus troupe.

This minifigure is just so amazing and it comes with nice assortments as well. I particularly love the paintball gun which can be viewed clearly from . The distribution of the paint markings are very nicely handled including a small little green splat at the top of the helmet. Surprisingly, the also come with a tiny orange splat as well. I wonder who shot him from behind. Personally, I like his grey coverall very much and if given a choice, it can be used for other activities as well such as military, chemical plant, etc.


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, usually found in Castle, Pirate, and Indiana Jones sets, use the standard minifigure head, but unique torsos, arms, and legs designed to resemble a skeletal structure; although different, these figure parts are still detachable.