• Minion Stuart
  • Tough choice, but Minion Stuart FTW because “Bananaa!!!”God I love these little minions!
  • Minion Stuart is my choice. He is such fun.
  • Minion Stuart is my favourite. He is cute, funny and entertaining.

Minions Stuart Interacts with Guitar


Couples who love to dress in similar costumes will love our couple's minions costumes. is a beloved character from the movies who's also made it big in off-shoot videos. He's a character who sometimes gets into trouble when he can't control his enthusiasm for whatever plot Gru has planned. And since she's dressed for the part, can play right along with Minion Dave's antics, or create some trouble of her own.

Dress as Minion Dave, the center of attention. Or as Minion Jorge, the naughty giggler. We also have purple minion costumes from Despicable Me 2 for adults as well as children who want to play an evil character for a night of trick-or-treating or to attend a costume party. If you want the entire family to participate in the minion fun, dress Fido in our Despicable Me minion dog costume and one of the kids as the innocent Agnes who stole everyone's heart. Put her black hair in a ponytail shooting straight up into the air. With these group costumes, you'll be set for a night of mischievous, impulsive and playful fun, especially when away from the supervision of Gru.


Ravelry: Minion Stuart pattern by Olka Novitskaya

A few days have gone by since and I’m only now publishing the tutorial for Nicky’s costume going along with this year’s theme of Despicable Me 2: the Minion Stuart. Sofia and I thought that he should be Dave because of his fantasy with the, but he had his heart set on being Stuart. The two Minions looks exactly alike except Dave has two eyes while Stuart has just one, so I figured that Stuart would therefore be a little quicker to make.