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Monster High Boo York, Boo York City Schemes Nefera de Nile Doll


This is probably something I’m more sensitive to since I have a and weight, but I feel like Monster High dolls are too. Damn. Skinny. Yes, Barbie and her ilk have impossible body shapes. But at least Barbie has breasts and hips. Even the old school Skipper dolls were more curvy. Monster High dolls don’t even look prepubescent. They look downright skeletal.

For a brand that claims to celebrate diversity, this line of dolls certainly lacks in that department. Yes, they might have superficially “strange” flaws, but they all meet the standard level of conventional attractiveness. All of them, with the exception of the one male doll, are feminine, skinny, cisgendered, and are either white or have caucasian features. There are NO black Monster High dolls whatsoever, and even the few who claim to have “freaky” qualities are made to reign them in.


My Monster high dolls :69: by AtemswildRose on DeviantArt

Monster Mash-Up
In the Monster High movie, Freaky Fusion, some of the student body suddenly finds their bodies are no longer their own - a freaky twist of un-nature has fused some of the ghouls together, and not always the beast of friends! These monster mash-ups mean new freaky flaws, new dual-personalities and spooktacular style. Fusing the Werewolf heritage of Clawdeen Wolf with the Plant Monster scaritage of Venus McFlytrap, Clawvenus is still fiercely "fusionable" and ferociously beautiful, but she may need to change her shampoo to a weed-and-feed formula.
Fashionista to Fusionista
The fused ghoul looks clawesome in a fierce dress: the purple bodice kills with an animal print; the black skirt positively grows on you with its scary cool plant print. A wide golden belt with plunky details brings it together, while black peep-toe booties with purple chains are fangtastic.
Oh-So-Fusionable Accessories
Continuing the mashed-up mons-trend, Clawvenus doll carries a plantastic green bag with stud details and wears golden jewelry that includes earrings and arm jewelry. Freaky fusion flaws include wolf's ears and a hair-raising hairstyle with green and black locks. Use the included brush to keep her hair looking its most frightful.
Monster Entertainment
Featuring a monsterrific blend of Werewolf and Plant Monster scaritages, the Monster High Freaky Fusions Clawvenus Doll is a positively frightful addition to any collection for play or display - a doll stand is included. Learn more about the creepy cool contradictions of this fused ghoul in the included diary, with all of its gory details! Collect other Monster High dolls and accessories to expand the storytelling fun to horrific proportions (each sold separately). It's monster entertainment!
What's in the Box?
Clawvenus doll wearing fashion and accessories, purse, brush, doll stand, diary