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Mosaic: A Chronicle of Five Generations

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With deepness of tone in mind, I scoured my local car-boot sales and charity shops. Suddenly, the most hideous 1950's ochres, moss greens and brown tableware with naff motifs sprang to my attention and begged to be part of the massive columns and flower troughs I was planning. Cobalt blues, maroons, turquoise and black really brought the mood to a rich crescendo. Working in primitive spirals chalked on to columns made from two lengths of clay drainage pipes, I mosaicked contrasting groups of colours in spirals up the tube. I added ochre, followed by cobalt blue, followed by deep reds, being careful not to get too much bright red or any light yellows.

Typically, there will be a range of data and political factors that need to beassimilated by the Mossaic Core Unit in prioritizing and selecting communities. Regardless of the precise wording of the local selection criteria, the aim should be to assess landslide susceptibility/hazard, the exposure and vulnerability of communities to that hazard, the overall landslide risk, and the appropriateness of Mossaic project-specific criteria may be used to refine and prioritize the community short list.


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