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Apart from all of the extraordinary and well thought out design in the rest of the chair, Hal’s creation of a unique chair back is what completely separates his chairs from all the rest. Each slat is laminated from several pieces of wood, all carefully chosen for their grain structure, pattern, and color. The slats are glued together, and then clamped to a form. When the glue dries, what Hal has is a set of wooden springs. These ‘spring’ slats are held in place in the headrest and seat in holes that are just a bit bigger than the dowel end of the slat. So now when you sit and rock, not only do the slats ‘spring’ with your movement, the slats also have a bit of movement. This all combines to give you the most comfortable rocking chair experience ever.

About ten years ago I met Hal at a neighbor’s 4th of July party. We have kids around the same age, we are both around the same age, we’re both originally from the mid-west, and we are both drawn to a creative lifestyle. We hit it off, and later on I found out about his rocking chairs. He had had some photos done professionally, but I convinced him that I could do a better job. I thought Hal’s chairs were the most beautiful, and the most comfortable rocking chair I had ever rocked in. While the basic architecture has stayed the same, over the years Hal has refined certain elements. The biggest change I have seen is in the arm and the the arm support.


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Rocking chairs are eponymous with tradition and old age, thanks to enduring image of retired people reading newspapers in their rockers. Modern rocking chairs brings you the same warmth and coziness but in a whole new style and outlook. Modern designs have smooth edges and curvy shapes compared to sharp edges and linear shapes in traditional, similarly geometrically new shapes and structures are also experimented with. Modern furniture are often minimal in design and choice of new materials such as fiber, plastic and PVC enables designers to give the desired shape and weight to furniture. Thus, no wonder modern rocking chairs are more comfortable, durable and portable. All such features are moving people to modern furniture though traditional furniture also holds its charm for puritans and snobs. Here we have shortlisted 7 most comfortable modern rocking chairs which will surely help you to find one for your home.