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  • these moxie girls are bad ro ool modalsls.
  • I love moxie girls I have three.
  • I think Moxie Girls are just the same as Barbies. I don't know what the diffrence is.

Moxie Girlz Ice Cream Bike with Sophina Doll


My daughter and I have been obsessed with the Moxie girls since they came out. I think they are nice and trendy without being trashy. Thanks for the giveaway.

A young moxie girl, who wears trendy clothes but isn't yet allowed out in heals, she comes with a hair brush for you to style and braid her hair and has her own pretend make up. She also has a lip gloss for you.
Age 3+


fb fan of moxie girl. amy bolda pugmire.

The Moxie Girlz Magic Snow Speeder Radio-Control Cruiser is a way to your dolls to the whole next level. With this hip ride being able to fit two dolls and cruise them around the house from a wireless remote control makes this speeder even hipper then it looks!