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For those of you wondering why you’re looking at a trailer being towed by a 16-year-old Mercedes-Benz S-Class, it’s because I decided to move from New Jersey to Florida without checking if U-Haul had any trucks I could use without having my bank account balance look like eastern European hackers won my card number in a sketchy poker game.

I can tell my spouse the amount in my bank account. There is nothing to hide since we are no more two, but one. Telling her doesn’t reduce the amount there and if I don’t tell her, it will not add to my account balance. There is nothing holding me down and it is better she knows so that if I give her anything available, she will understand that is all I have. It would even make me play safe on money issues and she would trust me more. Though this could depend on the kind of wife one has, but I know my own wife very well even before our marriage. We are helpmates and we even share secrets bigger than account balance.


How do I check my account balance with EZ-Tag? - ttag Knowledbase