• Hands on with the Nabi Jr tablet and accessories
  • A 4GB Nabi Jr will run $99, while a model with 16GB costs $129.
  • An industry first. nabi introduced bumpers on kids tablets that are drop-safe up to 8-feet.
  • Made of food-grade silicone, nabi Jr. Bumper is safe for all ages 3 and up.

nabi Jr. - 8GB Kids Tablet (SNJR-MT05C)


I bought the nabi 2 for my 6 year old daughter and she wont put it down. Its been weeks and the kids still fight over it on a daily. Its not like other toys that are forgotten in 10 minutes. We also have two leap pads that seemed to have bit the dust and for good reason the nabi is way cooler and in the long run cheaper because it comes with everything on it.. I will be purchasing a jr. when the little on turkmns 3 in june.

the wife wanted a nabi 2 for her self and loves it. Rooted it put the play store on and she loves the thing.. now she wants a nabi xd no reviews on it yet though hint hint!


A fair warning to everyone out there considering buying the nabi Jr:

Thanks so much for the awesome review, I was trying to find the Wings app on the Nabi 2 I have purchased, and am not able to find out where to download the app. Is it still available?>