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  • This is my nerf assault rifle, I call it the Nerf N-strike Elite Executer CS-12
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Nerf CS-18 N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike (Colors may vary)


One of a series of specially made Nerf mods by one person, Direct Threat, this Nerf assault rifle is so well made that it wouldn’t look out of place on a film set.

My entry to the Toy Rods & Connectors Contest is based on my two favorite childhood toys. Nerf has always been one of my childhood passions, as well as K'nex. Me and my cousins would always have an annual Nerf war. Ever since I got my first K'nex set, I have strived to innovate and engineer new creations. I see lots of K'nex projects and a lot of Nerf projects here at Instructables. So I decided to combine the two. Out of which has come my newest project, the K'nerf Assault Rifle. I use the term K'nerf to describe a KNEx & NERf combination. Out of my appreciation for the building of K'nex weapons, I decided to have the base of my K'nerf project to be K'nex. And I would design a system to incorporate Nerf attachments to my K'nex gun. One of my reasons for making such a thing, is that K'nex is wonderful to build with and Nerf already has premade attachments, ready to be used. They have numerous sights, scopes, grips, lights, and many other attachments. Another reason to build a K'nerf gun, is combining two already awesome toys into an epic combination. So, without further ado, here is the statistical analysis of my K'nerf gun:


Modified Picatinny Rail adapted to hold Nerf Attachments (Courtesy of TheDunkis)

Modified Extension Stock (Courtesy of TheAwesomestDude)

Holds up to three NERF Attachments

Shoots 55ft-65ft

Small Caliber Round (Green Rod)

Holds Twenty+ Rounds

Removable Magazine

Small Place for K'nex attachments

Lightweight & Maneuverable

Great Instructions, with image notes on each image
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NERF Recon Assault Rifle by JohnsonArms on DeviantArt