• This, of course, is the back of the New 3DS.


The New 3DS uses the portable's camera and gyro sensors to track the player's face.

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And the New 3DS can then make adjustments, ensuring the 3D effect isn't blurred.

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  • Trade your 3DS for a New 3DS and keep all your content thanks to Gamestop’s clever solution.
  • The New 3DS is available  with dimensions similar to current hardware.
  • Nintendo’s got a brand new 3DS, one that’s aimed at capturing more of the hardcore gamer market.

New Nintendo 3DS XL Black


All new 3DS models don't pack a charger in the box. If you already have an existing 3DS charger, it'll work with the new models. It sucks that both Europe and the US have taken on Japan's terrible business practice regarding their stance on bundling chargers. On the upside, you could buy one of these nifty-looking charging cradles for about 1,000 yen or about 10 bucks, though you'll still need an AC adapter to connect to said cradle.

My regular 3DS XL’s 3D switch has been off pretty much since I bought it. I avoid 3D versions of films in theaters. I’ll never owned a stereoscopic 3D television. I have no interest in the current flavors of the technology’s crude, eye-straining, aesthetically pointless visual trickery. You can still disable the technology on the New Nintendo 3DS, but as a system-selling feature it’s still ironically the least interesting thing about the 3DS.


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The New Nintendo 3DS, which shipped in both basic and XL versions in Japan, is only available in XL sizing stateside. Getting specific, that’s a not insubstantial weight difference of 329 grams (XL) versus 253 grams (basic), and a proportions one of 6.3 inches by 3.68 inches by 0.85 inches (XL) versus 5.6 inches by 3.17 inches by 0.85 inches (basic).