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New Interchangeable Power Charging Adapter & Cable for Nintendo Wii U GamePad

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Tired of running out of battery power when you are about to score the winning point? Now you can continue playing with a Fosmon Nintendo Wii U GamePad USB charging cable. The 10-feet cable brings you greater freedom of motion. You can charge and play your Wii U GamePad simultaneously with the Fosmon USB Charge Cable. The simple plug and charge function makes the cable user-friendly.

Technical Details

• Nintendo Wii U Gamepad Charging Cable
• Instantly charge your Wii U Gamepad
• Play and charge simultaneously!
• Cable Legth: 10 Feet
• Color: White

Product Description

Fosmon's USB Charging Cable takes care of your Nintendo Wii U GamePad's charging needs so you can continue to play for long periods of time without running out of battery.

Includes: 1x Fosmon Nintendo Wii U GamePad USB Charging Cable - 10ft (White)


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