• North Pole communicator.. need.
  • I would purchase the North Pole communicator for my son! He’d love that.
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  • Our three year old would love the Northpole communicator!!

Hallmark 2014 Northpole Communicator Interactive Microphone


What a cute story and review of the North Pole communicator. I love this and would love for my grandchildren to be able to call the North Pole as well and talk to them. It would be great to take a video of it for later years for them to look back at.

I absolutely love all of these items! The North Pole Communicator entertains me and my kids as they hear the Elves in the North Pole as they make the toys for the Holidays! There are ‘super secret instructions’ for adults that help the kids get a message or chat along with the Elves. You just set the date and time and the Communicator talks to the kids as if they really are in microphone! It is SO AWESOME!


I am most to win the North Pole Communicator

I love the advent calendar! I really need to start doing one of these with my kids. And I love all things Hallmark, and the Northpole communicator looks especially fun!