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  • The video was taken offline by Cash Motto on the 4th March 2016 due to his use of “Oopsy Daisy”.
  • The video was taken offline by Cash Motto on the 4th March 2016 due to his use of “Oopsy Daisy”.

Oopsy Daisy Canvas Wall Art Textured Butterflies by Rachael Taylor, 18 by 18-Inch

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Dear Oopsy Daisy: While confession is good for the soul, it’s probably not good for much else. I say this because if you believe for even one second that this will be greeted warmly and praises will be sung concerning your honesty and your inability to live a lie, you have, maybe honestly, lost your mind. In rare instances this might be something everyone can/will get over, but it will still be a thing to get over. And while, in general, I believe honesty to be the best policy, I’m also a realist. But how real you want to be depends on a few things. Mostly:

Forty pages of stationery from the creators of the phenomenonal Emily the Strange: Here is Oopsy Daisy, a sweet little carrottop with a really big head and an even bigger propensity for misadventure. Join the fun as she embarks on her bad bad day. Watch as she wakes up on the wrong side of the bed--Ouchy, morning hurts--and then skips nimbly from one calamity to the next: a scrape at the zoo with a not-so-nice rhino, a fiasco on Wall Street, an incident in an art gallery, and a brief brawl with a gang of Ninjas. Even the aliens are after her! But through it all she remains an adorably big-eyed icon of optimism - Oopsy, tomorrow will be better.


Chipmunk - Oopsy Daisy - YouTube

Tomorrow is National Scrapbook Day and as a professional paper crafter for the Tombow Ambassador Program, I received some really fantastic products to play with all week long. Today I created with a beautiful roll of and made some fabulous things…things that make me want to have a daisy party. I title this post with Oopsy Daisy because I really didn’t do any scrapbook projects exactly…but rather other kinds of paper crafting projects with scrapbook products. Oopsy. My favorite project of the week is this one! I totally LOVE this daisy garland that I made. It makes me HAPPY!