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Premium Quality Baby Pacifier Clip (4 Pack) for Girls & Boys, Fun and Cute ,Extra Safe, Double-sided Leash Designs


Want to know how to make a DIY baby pacifier holder with an item you most likely already have at your home? My oldest son used a pacifier so I always made sure I had an extra one in our diaper bag whenever we left the house. Being without the pacifier was a huge NO-NO.

I never knew what to put the pacifier in so that it would not get dirty. I hated the idea of just throwing it into the diaper bag because of all the germs that could be lurking inside of it. I had seen a couple pacifier holders that you could purchase, but I did not want to have to spend any money.


Skip Hop Paci Egg Pacifier Holder

These pink pacifier holders have been specially designed for little baby girls. It comes with a very practical system that avoid to loose or drop the pacifier. Very easy to clip on baby's clothes with a wide opening, it also adapts to pacifiers with ring. Exists in two different style: party girl or lovely girl. Washable at 30°.